My husband is an Old Testament and Hebrew scholar.  Isaiah is his favorite book of the Bible.  Some time ago, he started a blog, and he named it Nachmu.  Nachmu in Hebrew means comfort.  It is the beginning of Isaiah which we often hear during the season of Advent:

Comfort, comfort my people, says your God…

The chapter continues…

In the desert prepare the way for the Lord.

Our Savior, Jesus, comes!  He is the source of all comfort and will one day take us to Himself in heaven.

In the meantime, we are not forsaken.  Here on earth, we experience troubles, but we experience blessings as well.  This blog is about the blessings of creation.  God has created a marvelous world for us to inhabit, and He has created us in His image.  We are creators too.  Perhaps we create nurturing homes.  Perhaps we create gardens, or books, or delicious meals.  Perhaps we create lesson plans, or quilts, or music.

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki knew the comfort that comes from the creation of music.  In pictures, we see a man with a joyful countenance playing the violin with his young students, but Dr. Suzuki was no stranger to hardship.  Living in Japan and separated from his wife because of World War II, Dr. Suzuki had to retreat to the mountains for safety where he often ate river moss to ward off starvation.  He found comfort especially in the music of Mozart.  This is what he felt Mozart had to say:

All right.  Life is sad. But if there is love, see how beautiful life can be.  The sad life that we all must live – let us go along together and comfort one another. *

That is what this blog is about.


I will add the common disclaimer among mothers who blog.  Yes, there are dirty dishes in the kitchen and fingerprints on the living room window.  No, the laundry isn’t folded yet.  My children are not angels, and we don’t always eat healthy food.  I may not write about our crabby days or take pictures of our messes, but they are there.  In the midst of creating a home, I guess the messes and hurts teach us to treasure the creative and the comforting that much more.

We are in this together.  “Let us go along together and comfort one another.”

*Suzuki, Shinichi, Nurtured by Love, Alfred Publishing Company, 1983.

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  1. I am honored to be listed in your blogroll. And I am reading my way, slowly, through Isaiah right now. It is decidedly not my favorite. I wish I could see it through your husband’s eyes. I’m just struggling my way through it.

    • Renee,

      Your blog is one of my favorites! Although our lives look quite different, I think our underlying philosophies about family and education are probably pretty similar.

      I actually find a lot of the Old Testament to be quite difficult. I guess I’m fortunate in a way to have my husband’s sermons to shed some light on these things. For my personal devotions, I must admit that I stick mostly to certain Psalms and to the New Testament.

      Thanks for “stopping by” and commenting.

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