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Welcoming Thomas for a guest post this weekend.

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We decided to do this yeast project after I forgot to put the yeast in bread.  First we looked at the directions from  The website said to get a bottle and fill it with about one inch of warm water.  Then it said to add one packet of yeast and swirl it.  After that we needed to add a teaspoon of sugar and swirl that.  Finally we put the balloon on the bottle and put in in a warm spot.  Here is a cool timelapse of the twenty minutes that we left the bottle in a warm place:

How does this work?

The yeast eats the sugar and releases a gas called carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide is the same gas that we release when we exhale.  Yeast does not have to eat sugar. It will also eat flour or sugar-related things.  The carbon dioxide makes holes in whatever the yeast is in, as seen below.

This bread has yeast in it.



This bread does not.


No holes (well one or two not from yeast)

After the twenty minutes were up, we took a drop of the yeast solution out of the bottle. We looked at the solution under a microscope.  Here is a picture of the solution taken by focusing the camera lens in the microscope view:


This was a fun project, but I hope I don’t forget to put yeast in bread again!

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  1. This was a very interesting project. I really enjoyed the video and the great photography–especially the photo of the yeast taken through the microscope. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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