Thanksgiving Report 2: Weather


We have snow!  The snow began late on Tuesday afternoon and continued on and off through late Thanksgiving night.  We have about four inches on the ground, and Jack has been over the moon with excitement.  He went outside early on Wednesday when there was still just a dusting, and I think he gathered all the snow in the driveway to make snowballs.  Both boys have been outside several times since.  I just keep tossing their snow clothes in the dryer so they are ready for the next round.

Today we went to our friends’ land to go sledding.   The setting was so peaceful, away from the malls and the crowds.  The sun was sparkling on the snow, and the sky was a brilliant blue.  We saw fresh deer tracks in the snow, and we added ours as we tromped up and down the hills.




David got in on the action and took some video:

Tonight we will be thankful for winter come to our section of the country and for generous friends who share their winter beauty us.

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