Musical Seasons

Here in Western New York, we are finally putting the 2013-2014 school year to rest.   To say we have a lot to look forward to in the coming seasons would be a bit of an understatement, but  before we move on, I wanted to share some of the musical highlights from this past year.




In October, Jack gave his Suzuki Cello Book One recital.




At Christmastime, the boys provided the pre-service music for the Sunday School Program at Immanuel Lutheran Church.  Then in February, we recorded Jack playing “Long, Long Ago.”  This was his audition piece for the Buffalo Suzuki Strings Lucinda Yang Memorial Scholarship.  He was selected as one of the recipients, and the scholarship will help fund his BSS Summer Workshop experience this summer.




The boys brought their instruments back to Immanuel for Easter.  Thomas played his Boccherini “Minuet” for pre-service music, and they both accompanied two hymns.  (I love their rendition of “I Know that My Redeemer Lives.”  It is included at the end of Tom’s recital video.)  At the end of Easter week, Thomas played his Suzuki Violin Book Two recital.




I’m kind of cheating for this season, as mid-June in Buffalo is really still spring.  (Note the jackets and long pants!)  Never-the-less, the boys had two musical performances this month.  First, they played for the Twin Cities Community Outreach 25th Anniversary Dinner.  Then they also brought their instruments to play at the KidBiz Market.  Both times, the boys played before relative strangers, and both times they were well-received.  The guests at the TCCO dinner gave them a standing ovation, and the KidBiz crowd dropped quite a few dollars in the violin case.  I am glad that their musical efforts are being appreciated by the outside world.

We have only a few lessons left this summer.  In addition to lessons, Thomas just joined the BSS Fiddle Club, and he will continue to practice with them through the month of July.  Then Jack will be attending the BSS Summer Workshop for a week in August.  Before we know it, fall will be here, and what an exciting season that will be.  Perhaps the boys can learn some lullabies….

Now, if the “Duke Four Seasons” have whetted your musical appetite, here’s a link to the real deal:

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