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Over Father’s Day weekend, the boys participated in the KidBiz Market sponsored by Buffalo State College.  Thomas wrote about this in his Nachmu Crayons post, but I wanted to add my two cents before moving on to other things.  It was a wonderful experience.  The weather was perfect, and the Elmwood Avenue neighborhood with its Victorian houses and creative atmosphere is always a fun place to visit.

The KidBiz Market allowed us not only to visit, but to actually take part in the action.  It was a great opportunity for the kids to learn a little bit about marketing and entrepreneurship.  Thomas and Jack sold their recycled crayons, and they also played their instruments.  At one point, they even joined with another participant to play some Suzuki repertoire together.



By the the end of the morning, I must say, the boys had done quite well for themselves.  If you donated crayons, stopped by their stand, or supported their efforts in some other way, we extend our thanks.  We are looking forward to going back in July and August.


I would love for the boys to continue their recycled crayon business.  I think it would be a good project for them, but only if they want to continue it.  For now, they do want to continue; consequently, we are looking for some more crayons to recycle.  If you have old crayons you would like to recycle, please let us know.   Thomas has his Nachmu Crayons coupons all ready for you.  I’m not sure if a kids’ business dependent on recycled materials is sustainable, but I guess we will find out soon!

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