Last Week: Snowdrops and Scholarships

Last week I picked snowdrops for someone special.


Thomas received news that he has been chosen as one of the recipients of the 2013 Lucinda Yang Memorial Scholarship.  This will cover the cost of the Buffalo Suzuki Strings Summer Workshop coming up in August.  Thomas worked hard on his application.  He submitted a DVD recording of one of his pieces, and he filled out the scholarship application.  We are are grateful for the recommendation from his teacher, Ms. Klansee Reynolds, who must have written good things about him!

Here is a video of the piece Thomas played.  While we were at it, we also recorded both of the boys playing “Long, Long, Ago.”

The weather here has turned colder again, but that’s okay.  We have had more time to work on math and spelling, music and watercolor painting.


And that’s all the news I have.

4 thoughts on “Last Week: Snowdrops and Scholarships

  1. Congratulations Thomas! All that hard work is paying off.
    We are doing something different with Easter eggs this week. I bought some clear plastic eggs and we are experimenting on how to decorate them. We have tried paint pens, braid, ribbons, gold leaf paint, and puff paint. Tomorrow we are going to try stenciling and stamps. I’ll send you some pictures if any of them come out really pretty. 🙂

    (I got tired of eating 2 dozen boiled eggs every year after Easter because no one else likes them. So we’re not doing boiled eggs at all this year!)

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