Easter Eggs

Easter is right around the corner, and in my opinion, there are are few things necessary for a proper celebration:  We need to sing “I Know that My Redeemer Lives,” we need Easter lilies, and we need decorated Easter eggs.   What to do when your child is allergic to eggs?  Dyeing real eggs is not an option in our house.  Fortunately, Rachel Wolf has some great alternatives on her blog, Clean.  I found her tutorials back in 2011, and we’ve used these eggs ever since.  They are cute and fun, and you may want to try them even if you don’t have egg allergies in your house.

The first tutorial is for felt eggs.  I love these.  I just used felt from the craft store, and I sewed the eggs with embroidery floss.  I did them all by hand because my sewing machine and I don’t always get along.  I let the boys sew some too.  Thomas really got the hang of it, but Jack still needed quite a bit of help two years ago.  I think I’m going to set a little basket of felt and other supplies out again in case we want to make some more this year.


The second tutorial is for paper-mâché eggs.  These are a little trickier, but if you’re up for a big, messy, art project, you can give them a try!  We had a hard time getting our dried eggs open.  We had to use a coping saw!  Also, I skipped the “toilet paper tube” step that Rachel includes because I couldn’t make it work.


Getting ready

Letting the eggs dry

Letting the eggs dry

Cutting them open

Cutting them open

We set our homemade eggs out for the Easter Bunny to fill and hide.  The said Easter Bunny has worried that the paper-mâché eggs are a bit tricky to tie closed, but I think it’s worth the effort.


I have one last link for those of you who don’t have egg allergy issues.  This idea is from Posie Gets Cozy, and it looks really neat.  I’ve never tried them so if you do, let me know how they turn out.

Do you have any projects in mind for Easter?  If so, enjoy your preparations!

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