Last Week

Last week Jack lost one of his top front teeth.


He also started to learn the notes to “Etude” on his cello.

The temperatures warmed last week, and the ice melted, giving us a bit of a reprieve from skating.  We used our time in academic pursuits such as multi-digit multiplication and a trip to the library.

We were in the juvenile nonfiction section of the library looking for books on bees and bears.  We did find the desired books, and Jack also happened to see Ms. Frizzle’s Adventures: Medieval Castle by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degan which we had read in the fall of 2011.   “I love this book,” he said.  That’s always good to hear.  We checked it out again.

our medieval castle from October 2011

our medieval castle from October 2011

Thomas worked quite diligently on the aforementioned multi-digit multiplication.  He also put in some good violin practice, polishing pieces and working on long, straight, bows.

And yes, I did watch the next episode of Downton Abbey.  I really don’t like being addicted to a television show, but that appears to be the case.  I explained to my table full of boys that I like watching it because of the pretty dresses.  Thomas said, “You don’t even like t.v.  You ought to have a better reason than that.”  Okay, I really like the shoes too.  At least there are only two weeks left in the season, and then we can all move on to bigger and better things.

jackstooth2Besides, I think this fellow is at least as handsome as Dan Stevens.  Don’t you?


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