Groundhog Day

We had an uninvited guest in our garden today.  I knew someone was munching on our bean plants, but I figured our guest would come only at night….This afternoon I was brainstorming bean plant protection while cleaning the kitchen, and I happened to look out the window.

And there he was in broad daylight!  A big groundhog was standing on his hind legs in the middle of the garden, happily munching our our bean plants!

Honestly, he was kind of cute.  He might have enjoyed posing for a garden-munching portrait, but we chased him away instead.  All I have to share is the picture of his handiwork.

We got to work right away putting netting around the beans that were left.  We had already tried a pepper spray solution, but as a Western New York native, this groundhog apparently likes his greens seasoned with Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Sauce.  Hopefully, now our bean plants will be safe, and our guest will not be interested in any other garden fare (like my sunflowers).

On a brighter note, groundhogs don’t seem to have an interest in zucchini plants, and I think we’re about to have a good crop.

I much prefer these guests.



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