Walter Avenue Excitement

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The sewer system is being improved on Walter Avenue.  The pipes are being relined through a process called CIPP.  CIPP stands for Cured In Place Pipe.  What happens is that the pipes get old and damaged.  Then they need to be repaired.

The first step is sending a camera through the old sewer pipes.  The camera takes video of the damage and measures the pipes.  Next, a new fiberglass liner is cut to the right size. The liner is coated with an epoxy resin.  The liner is soft and wet right now.  The workers use a special machine to inflate the resin-coated fiberglass liner and shoot it into the old pipe.

Then the liner is cured in place using steam. It takes about three hours for the liner to cure and the resin to get hard.

The steam is rising while the liner cures.


The worker is checking the heat and pressure with the gauges.

After the liner is cured and the resin is hard, a robotic cutting device cuts holes where there are pipes connecting to the houses.  When everything is finished, the camera is sent to video the new pipe.

This CIPP pipe relining process is much faster and much simpler than digging up the road to repair.  The pipe is basically a new PVC pipe.






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